MELT Away Your Ageing Problems

The Lip Doctor, Liverpool is now offering a combination treatment designed to improve your figure and restore youth. The procedures use a machine which utilises the benefits of radio frequency, infrared, magnetism and ultrasonic waves to maximise the anti ageing benefits these non invasive rays give.

Dr Fab Equizi, from the Lip Doctor, calls the treatment MELT. But what does it do?

A MELT treatment non-invasively attacks and ‘melts’ the membranes around our fat cells leaving body’s thinner and more contoured after just a short session.

The treatment can be done any time as there is no pain associated with the procedure. It is also non invasive – which means that there are no incisions and there is no recovery time. You can leave the clinic in Liverpool and go straight about your day as normal afterwards.

Why would you have a MELT treatment?

MELT is great if you would like to tighten up and refresh! We can perform anti ageing treatments to erase those face wrinkles as well as tighten up areas of your body such as stomach and arms.

Dr Fab has been performing aesthetic treatments in Liverpool for over 13 years and has a loyal following of fans. Try the MELT treatment and you too can see what everyone is talking about!

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