How Good Are Aqualyx Weight Loss Injections?

There’s a ‘new wave’ of minimally invasive weight loss techniques for anyone looking to tighten up areas or reduce ‘fatty areas’ such as muffin tops, bingo wings and turkey chins.

One such method is Aqualyx and here at the Lip Doctor Clinic, Liverpool we are one of the first clinics in the UK to offer this amazing treatment.

Aqualyx is a water soluble fat busting injection that dissolves fat cells naturally. The injections comprise of ingredients derived from plant polymers that are said to bind with the tissue that lines fat cell walls. The plant polymer then ruptures dissolving the fat which then passes naturally out of the body when you urinate.

Dr. Fab thinks the Aqualyx injections are amazing and his clients in Liverpool are already enjoying the benefits.

How Is Aqualyx Performed?
Aqualyx is injected directly into any high fat area such as chin, neck, stomach, upper arms and legs and buttocks.

How Long Does The Weight Stay Off?
It is permanent solution and the fat cells do not grow back. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle however.

How Will I feel Afterwards?
You should not experience any side effects or major discomfort other than slight bruising and swelling for two days maximum.

How Do I Find Out More
Contact The Lip Doctor, Liverpool on 0151 520 3070