Enhanced Cheekbones With Liverpool’s Lip Doctor

cheekfillOh to have been blessed with sleek, sharp cheekbones – what can those of us who aren’t blessed with beautiful bones do about it? Liverpool’s finest aesthetic doctor, the Lip doctor has a solution!

The non-invasive cheekbone enhancement with the Lip Doctor is an increasingly popular treatment. It’s a quick, painless treatment and amazingly there is no down time. As well increasing cheekbone height and definition, enhancing this area also gives a bit of lift to the face, especially when combined with facial volumisation.

So how does Dr Fab perform this procedure? By placing dermal filler over the areas of fat and bone loss can give the effect of a face lift as well as restoring the youthful curves of the face. To correct the signs of volume loss you need to understand the effects of fat distribution and the effects of gravity and their relationship with the facial skeleton and underlying anatomy.

When Dr Fab performs the enhancement procedure he uses dermal fillers to restore lost volume to the cheeks and chin for a gentle ‘lifting’ effect and to enhance the overall shape of the face.