Testimonial 7

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BOTOX Just leave feeling Fabulous, I’m a typical woman, I always like the best and I’ve found that at the Lip Doctor. D.B (Liverpool)


Dermal Fillers: A Great Choice

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In today’s busy and demanding world, many people simply do not have the luxury of taking weeks out of working to recover from a surgical procedure. This has had the effect of raising the profile of treatments which provide a quicker solution but with similar results. This is where dermal fillers are excellent. The use […]


The Wonderful Wrinkle Eraser

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When most people think of Botox, they think of how it erases wrinkles and how many famous actresses love their Botox jabs before a red carpet appearance. But why is Botox so good? And is it really the solution to your crow’s feet, frown lines and wrinkles? Botox is safe and as a prescribed medicine […]